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Samizdat Online is an editorial project dedicated to exploring contemporary paradigm shifts within the Arts and their trandisciplinary ramifications through the dissemination of critical discourse and scholarly inquiries in an approach that discards modern and postmodern delimitations or polarisations of an ideological, geopolitical or intrasocietal nature, such as left wing-right wing, east-west, local-global, feminist-patriarchal, axes and class, national or other group-based geometries influencing contemporary thought.

The project works as a publishing platform for collaborative articles aimed at creating a comprehensive collection of critical analyses, essays, research, theory, and miscellanea, a contemporary ”Mirabilis Liber” of thought within the Arts, in hope of reestablishing organic connections and correspondence between thinkers and artists outside the institutionlized, specialized and intrinsically utilitarian paradigm of knowledge prevalent today, in favor of rendering an extensive, manifold, resolute rhetoric.

Samizdat Online was founded by the Visual Kontakt collective, a transylvanian-based organization focused on creating the very same framework within the field of creation and exhibition of artistic and curatorial projects. While Visual Kontakt is bound to the use of space and the play with its parameters and variables, Samizdat Online is set to reach and establish, through the agency of the ww-web, an international ensemble of both contributors and audience…

Rada Nastai                          &                      Gabriel Miloia
Editor-in-Chief                                         president Visual Kontakt