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Information gone viral [1.0] – or transformation into viral format

Say what you want about viral information but it’s the present-day glory. So often dismissed as a big distraction, viral media rarely gets the chance to be heralded as our main source of knowledge in its own right.
In truth, lifestyle-gone-viral news is as popular as mobile technology itself. While ‘traditionally’ extensive news may sink your ship, viral items have the power to inspire and boost enthusiasm. We can prove it! Here’s the magical-seven of viral news inspired by design and science that will grant you to value your phubbing time.


1. Find out what YOU want

To viral lifestyle news, YOU are more important than you’d imagine! What YOU want to know is top priority and this is why these items always find a way to reach you. For once you don’t need to go through topics that bore you to death. Everything is custom-made for your feeds based on your clicks, posts and friends list. All this just to make you happy. Think about it ;)!


2. Inspiration is the key

You are top priority and so are people like you. Viral lifestyle news recognises talent and ambition and this is why it brings people to the spotlight. Through your feeds, you may learn just about anyone, but mostly about those with whom you’ve got so much in common. Viral lifestyle news cherishes human efforts not only to remind us all of our potential but also to give you an example of what you can also achieve on your own.


3. Today Charlie, tomorrow you

Lifestyle items are there to give everyone a chance to show themselves. Today you learn of your fellow human at the opposite side of the world or your neighbour, tomorrow you may take their place. The pattern is there. Follow your dreams and everyone will get to know about you: “smile and the whole world will smile with you”. All you have to do is dare be great. Viral news is there to encourage you!


4. Quirky topics for social life

Finding out that people like you do great stuff is great. But what’s even greater than that is knowing it all and beyond. Scientific results in fields like medicine, physics, biology etc. are simply awesome to know about. It’s knowing about the world of tomorrow. To get even higher on the sublime scale: knowing is something, but talking about it is quirky, educational and entertaining at once.


5. This is genius!

The old-fashioned age of looking at knowledge through thick nerd-for-life glasses is over! Bite-sized items about science or design bring it all to you in a nutshell so you don’t need to get headaches because you read too much any more. That’s why they’re called ‘bite-sized’: easy to acknowledge, stick to the essential, making the most of the least! That’s how you get to know it all.


6. Surfing the top of the trend

Everything goes fast and so must you. With lifestyle news that references design and science, you’ll always know what’s the next device to challenge our lives even before it gets produced. This of course apart from staying up-to-date with the colour theme of this season, the latest internet challenge, the best-rated shows, or the super-est of the super-foods.


7. Sharing is caring

Bite-sized lifestyle news helps you help yourself by helping others. You learn about the coolest things because others share it, but in turn, you do the same for others. Viral items are a great means to make public what you stand for and what you care about in this world. The freedom to share is the first step to show you care!


This article is a follow-up to ‘Information gone viral [BETA]‘. [BETA] explains the dynamics of viral lifestyle items with design and science subtext. The article exposes a few ideas about data flows based on documentation and back-up research. In order to further illustrate the mechanisms behind information gone viral, this above [1.0] article manipulates the [BETA]content into viral type information. The extensive [BETA] content has undergone the very same transformation mechanisms that viral news uses in order to turn the message into a relatable pill: reduction, slight over-exaggeration and excess positivism. The truth-value of the original article may have been altered. If so, note this has all been part of the process. Any promotional nuance in favour of lifestyle news in the present article is fictional.